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Meditation relieves stress

Meditation relieves stress

Rajyog :
Rajyoga is a matter of subtle feelings. The method I am talking about here is a small part of Rajyog but very effective.

How to You do it Rajyog :
You can also sit in Sukhasana, Padmasana, Siddhasana or chair. Sit with your spine straight in any seat that is convenient. Place the hand on the coin or naturally on the lap. Do not control breathing, let go at your own pace. Close your eyes. Now you will see, one thought after another will come randomly in the brain. Whether that thought is good or bad, do not control the thought. Close your eyes and just observe the random thoughts.

As a result of doing this seat regularly, you will see in 15-30 days, the first amount of thought that comes, the number will keep decreasing. If you can practice every day for 3-6 months according to the rules, you will see that you will have complete control over your thoughts. It is claimed that when this meditation reaches its final stage, the thought becomes zero. In this case, the mind will only do what you want to do with the mind. Thus peace of mind comes easily, which is not possible through medicine.

Although it is not a direct method of meditation, it is an effective seat for meditation. Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah was seen celebrating through this seat after scoring a goal on the field recently. As I said at the end of the game, I do yoga regularly. And through that I control my mind.

How to do it Arboriculture:
Stand straight with both feet close together. Lift any one leg and place it on the knee of the other leg or at the junction of the two thighs. Place both hands in the middle of the chest. It is better not to blink. The final condition is to keep the eyes closed. But after several days of practice, when the seat is under control, close your eyes to go to a higher position. Breathe very slowly and with relief. With both eyes open and closed, all thoughts will be directed towards balance control and breathing speed. Start with 30 seconds on one leg. However, for better results, do 3-5 minutes on each leg.

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