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The Walk to Freedom

The Walk to Freedom

This is the instant four-year-old Reece Wilks unreal of. His mother Jan arrived to steer him home from college for the primary time since pioneering treatment meant she may leave her chair reception.

The mother-of-two, Jan Wilks was once unfit by disseminated sclerosis. because of a revolutionary somatic cell treatment she is currently able to walk Reece to his room door.
This summer Mrs. Wilks, of Stockbridge Lane, Page Moss, had a arguable procedure in an exceedingly personal clinic in an exceedingly desperate commit to keep her MS treed. at intervals hours she was on her feet and free from pain. 3 months on, Mrs. Wilks’s health goes from strength to strength and she or he will do the varsity trip to beech grammar school with Reece unaided.

The edges

Of the treatment Mrs. Wilks, 45, said: “I am feeling nice. Everything regarding my health appears to own improved most. it’s the little things that Maine an most to me – the insufficient victories. My legs are not good however I will symbolize longer and hang around my very own laundry on the road. I’m not in pain, I feel stronger and that i am not sleeping all the time. I will play games with the kids. I even have a lot of patience and energy. typically I catch myself walking upstairs and cannot believe the treatment has worked therefore well. the children {maintain} created up with me. I feel traditional once more. I’m back at work and everybody says however well I look as a result of all the pain in my face has gone.”
One of the highlights of the summer was a family vacation in Cornwall wherever Mrs. Wilks was able to build sandcastles together with her sons Reece and Daniel, 12, sit on the beach and withdraw for the evening with husband Paul.

When Jan Wilks was diagnosed with MS in 2000, her condition had no treatment or cure and doctors aforesaid it might eventually cripple then kill her. Her husband, Paul Wilks, 40, spent hours on the web finding out various treatments and discovered stem cell medical care was being employed elsewhere within the world to assist slow the progress of diseases like Parkinson’s syndrome, cancer and MS. however the big-ticket procedure was sadly not nevertheless out there within the UK.
The Wilks family were making ready to sell their home to get hold of treatment in Holland once colleagues at the Ads store in Huyton stepped in to assist, raising quite £13,000.

Stem Cells – A arguable medical care

Stem cells square measure the building blocks for each tissue and organ within the body. they need the power to grow outside the body and may be transplanted to supply tissue regrowth in patients with tissue degenerating diseases.

The cells are often taken from a range of sources, together with unborn fetuses’ – however this makes somatic cell medical care arguable as a result of it raises medical ethics problems. Stem cells wont to treat Jan came from point cords which might have otherwise been destroyed. Her treatment – that took simply a couple of hours – saw cells place into her body via a drip, associate degreed an injection into the spine to repair harm.

This treatment has accumulated the standard of Jan’s life dramatically, not solely is she able to walk unaided however has gone back to figure and has been able to pay a lot of quality time together with her family thereby increasing the standard of their lives yet.

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